Oldschool adventure

These days I do not get much programming done due to the current league in oldschool runescape, Trailblazers. But I still feel like I should get my blog up and running, for which I am trying different CMS solutions together with Gatsby.

Local .md files

My first approach was to test local markdown files which my colleague from work recommended me to use. So that I would understand the graphQL and sourcing part of Gatsby, however it did not quite work like I had hoped. I could not really use my own styling on the rendered HTML, though when I enquired about this it seemed like something that could be done and I had missed it.


What can I say, I looked into it but you need to have plugins installed which is only available with a business plan. Not for me, a simple poor chap.


What I am currently evaluating and trying out. Seems to have a nice interface and good integration with Gatsby.

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